Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pro vs Con

I think that both of these sites - plaxo and linkedin are good for connecting with others and could be helpful career wise. However Linkedin is more popular or visable to everyone, I think. I had never heard of plaxo until this class.
However I think that Facebook, kind of does this as well and people are probably on their more often. But professionally facebook would not be the way to go. I'd probably use linkedin.

Professional Portfolio

Creating my professional portfolio was fun but frusterating at times. It was definintely another good experience using new technology that will hopfully help me me the future though. I also think that creating a webpage like that could be usage for other things too like sport clubs or maybe a small business. Overall it was user friendly and fun to create.

Here's my link:

Web 2.0 Awards

While going through the lists of awards for web 2.0, I found a lot of different websites I had never heard about. But I recognized and use many of the top 3 awarded websites. A couple of the fun ones, that I never knew about were cocktail builder and hair mixer - those were fun to play around with. For collaborative writing and word docs - Google docs is definitely something I want use in the future. As for the things I use know and pretty often would have to be facebook, craigslist and google maps or yahoo maps.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Library Thing

Searching through the library thing website was interesting. It was fun to read some of the reviews from other people too.
Here's my link to the books I chose.


Originally uploaded by AllyXi1123 was my favorite image generator to play around with.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Where I work

.Alisha's pool


After exploring and podcast I'm still undecided, on whether I like it or not. It's definitely a good idea and I'm sure people find it helpful and/or useful. I just don't think it's for me.
This is the podcast I decided to subscribe to because it said it had the latest health, exercise and sports nutrition tips on it. I thought would be interesting to hear about.