Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pro vs Con

I think that both of these sites - plaxo and linkedin are good for connecting with others and could be helpful career wise. However Linkedin is more popular or visable to everyone, I think. I had never heard of plaxo until this class.
However I think that Facebook, kind of does this as well and people are probably on their more often. But professionally facebook would not be the way to go. I'd probably use linkedin.

Professional Portfolio

Creating my professional portfolio was fun but frusterating at times. It was definintely another good experience using new technology that will hopfully help me me the future though. I also think that creating a webpage like that could be usage for other things too like sport clubs or maybe a small business. Overall it was user friendly and fun to create.

Here's my link:

Web 2.0 Awards

While going through the lists of awards for web 2.0, I found a lot of different websites I had never heard about. But I recognized and use many of the top 3 awarded websites. A couple of the fun ones, that I never knew about were cocktail builder and hair mixer - those were fun to play around with. For collaborative writing and word docs - Google docs is definitely something I want use in the future. As for the things I use know and pretty often would have to be facebook, craigslist and google maps or yahoo maps.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Library Thing

Searching through the library thing website was interesting. It was fun to read some of the reviews from other people too.
Here's my link to the books I chose.


Originally uploaded by AllyXi1123 was my favorite image generator to play around with.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Where I work

.Alisha's pool


After exploring and podcast I'm still undecided, on whether I like it or not. It's definitely a good idea and I'm sure people find it helpful and/or useful. I just don't think it's for me.
This is the podcast I decided to subscribe to because it said it had the latest health, exercise and sports nutrition tips on it. I thought would be interesting to hear about.

You Tube

You Tube has almost every video you could ever want to see or not see. Depends on what you're looking for but it could be useful or just for entertainment. How to videos are usually pretty helpful. Weird fact - I've also seen myself on You Tube - surprise! I can see this website being helpful in a classroom, when you want to show a how to or what not to do. I can also see this site being a a good "time waster" for students who just want to browse on it. But as I was going through it today, I ran across the video from work. It was one of our most recent ads. I heard about it but never saw it. So I was glad to see it up..this is my YMCA Association in the South Bay.


Technorati -what? This website was not nearly as interesting as the others we've explored in Kin 710 so far. When I searched for "kinesiology" there were no results under posts, when I searched under blogs, there were 28 blogs that came up. I couldn't believe it!
So I tried another search, "physical education" again not many post (only 71) and blogs (76) WOW! This actually shocked me a little because I really didn't like this one and won't be using it in the future.


After exploring yet another site, I had never heard about nor did I think I'd ever be on something like that. However, I think it would very helpful in life. This tool definitely had potential for anyone and everyone to use. It's not only an easy way to bookmark sites but you can also share them with others and access them anywhere. That really nice, especially now a days when people are not always home to use their computer or carrying their laptop with them.
This site would be very useful when doing research, especially if you aren't always on your own computer. This way you can be anywhere and look up the sites you tagged for a project or a paper.
When it comes to teaching, YES! I think this would be helpful as well. I could see this site being a great tool for teachers to share ideas and network with one another. Sharing ideas is the best part, I think, why re-invent the wheel when you could use someone else idea or spark new ideas with a website you saw.
This could be very helpful in the future!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Google Docs

WOW! Yet another new way to use technology to our advantage. While going through the google docs assignment, I learned a lot. The two things that really stood out for me and how I can use this in the future was the fact that I can use it as a teacher or at work, doing what I do. Google docs could definitely be useful at work and in a school setting. For work purposes, it would be nice to share documents and only allowing certain people to edit or even view it. Its also a good way to collaborate on a project or paper.
Lastly, I really liked the fact that I could create a virtual classroom, where I can post announcements, pictures, and much more. As I learned about that, I started to think about how I manage my current swim team of 50 swimmers. It would be nice to keep in contact with papers through that kind of site.
Overall my experience on google docs was eye opening and something I plan to use in the near future.

RSS and feeds

At first, I was kind of nervous to use all these new tech-y things but so far it hasn't been too bad.
I never thought I'd be using RSS (I didn't even know what "RSS" was until this assignment). Same goes for the "feeds" that I signed up for. However I do think I'll enjoy this and use the quicker way of seeing all the news feeds instead of going page to page like I used to. This will also allow me to keep up with everything going on and it will definitely help me out with cutting down on time wasted.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Twitter, blogs and podcasts

I've done some things over the past week, I never thought I'd do. I have a twitter account and a blog -WOW! I also just recorded my first podcast! Yay me! Can't wait to see what else I learn how to do.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Never thought I'd have a twitter account, blog or flickr. But now I have all 3...very interesting...

Grad School

Week 2 of grad school. Super excited about working on my masters and continuing my education. I'm learning more about my time management skills and how to get the most outta 24hours. Can't there be more hours in a day?
Well my original blog was about how my first week of school was going to be my first and last time doing all my work at the end of the week, but as I sit here in week 2, I'm learning that the weekend might be my only time to do school work. With 12 hour work days, 6 times a week...I have to make a change somewhere or I'll never make it.